• Antuan and Elba Luis Lugo
  • Pedro Barbeito
  • Josť Bedia
  • Ruben Millares and Antonia Wright
  • Damian Sarno
  • Edouard Duval Carrie
  • Gean Moreno
  • Leonel Matheu
  • Nicolas Leiva
  • Jose Garcia Cordero


Leonel Matheu
Leonel Matheu

"This art piece shows a trail, where the graphic vocabulary expresses a series of data that allows the spectator a plural meaning of interpretations. The forest that is surrounding the piece shows the temple symbolized by the trees. This flora is interpreted in various columns that unite the sky with the Earth.

We see how trees of skies descend or ascend over the universe that, at the same time, sustain The Earth in a context of stars. Inside the graphic element of the Earth you will see the country of Haiti. This artwork also gives a vision from the sky symbolizing the geographical location of Haiti in the world. Other symbols that you will see are the suitcase, and the boat among others.

All these symbols have a generic meaning that suggest different interpretations. The entrance of the classroom is through an open book to welcome Education."

Leonel Matheu