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Damian Sarno
Damian Sarno

The idea behind the tent project is focused in the orphans left by the earthquake, and I wanted to represent what I would like to be the future of those children in Haiti.

By depicting a happy child's face as the central and most visible aspect of the tent I want to show that for me the children are paramount. The lack of education has played a weighty roll in Haitian society at large if not at the individual level. This is a way to help reverse that state.

I want to paint green and flowers as a way to signal mother nature as an important part of these orphans return to happiness. It's a very simple and straight forward way of showing what is a concern of mine, the lack of helping hands because Haiti is no news anymore.

I can see that so clearly that I have painted it on the model for this tent. This is a great opportunity to help the orphan children of Haiti and the ones that have no place where to study.

So, happy children, back to school, surrounded by nature with more than one set of helping hands along the way.

Let this be what is to come.

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Damian Sarno