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Josť Bedia
Josť Bedia
My tent was inspired by the religious traditions of Haiti. The design of the tent will be executed by using my hands directly, as I habitually tend to do with my work.

The finished product will represent some deities that are directly linked with effort and sacrifice, as is the case of Ogou. Other deities like Bossou, who protects its followers, will also be present. Dambalah a superior deity will be located in the roof of the tent, professing the rain as a symbol of regeneration.

Finally on one side of the tent there will be a pig, which will allude to sacrifice and nourishment. On the other side of the tent there will be a machete transformed into a ship of immigrants, which will have two words written. These two words are a call to reflection and a recommendation for the future: discipline and patience."

Josť Bedia